These are the state and federal Republican candidates that will be on Benton County March 3, 2020 nonpartisan general and party primaries election ballots.

Primary election filing period is November 4 through November 12, 2020.
* denotes incumbent

Filings as of 8:00 p.m. on November 12, 2020

These links are for information purposes only. Mention of any candidate does not imply endorsement on this page.

We hyperlinked their names below if we could locate their campaign page. If we missed someone who has a page, e-mail to let her know.

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State Representatives

District 87
Representative Robin Lundstrum (R) *
Michael Bennett-Spears (D)

District 90
Kendon Underwood (R)
Chris Latimer (R)
Representative Jana Della Rosa (R) *
Kelly Ross Krout (D)

District 91
Jorge Becker (R)
Scott Richardson (R)
Delia Haak (R)
Nick Jones (D)

District 92
Representative Gayla Hendren McKenzie (R) *

District 93
Representative Jim Dotson (R) *
Daisy Bonilla (D)

District 94
Adrienne Woods (R)
John P. Carr (R)
Jene Huffman-Gilreath (D)

District 95
Representative Austin McCollum (R) *

District 96
Justice of the Peace Joshua Bryant (R)
Jon Comstock (D)

State Senate

District 1
Senator Bart Hester (R) *
Ronetta Francis (D)

District 2
Senator Jim Hendren (R) *
Ryan Craig (D)

U.S. Congress District 3

Steve Womack (R) *
Michael J. Kalagias (L)
Celeste Williams (D)