cpsCan you help Carrie Perrien Smith win her race for Rogers Mayor?

She is requesting volunteers who will distribute campaign brochures in neighborhoods around Rogers. The typical route has about 200 houses and takes about 4 hours for one person to complete. Team up with someone, and it takes less time. Let her know how much you can do, whether less or more. She’s grateful for all help!

Reach out to Carrie at 479-903-0208 or carrie@carrie4rogers.com.

Other Ways to Help

– Share her website: http://carrie4rogers.com/

– Share her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CarriePerrienSmith4Rogers

– Pick up some brochures and take them with you to church or meetings. Talk to your friends. There aren’t many Republican women running in opposed races this general election. Get involved and help ours win!