March 17 BCRW Meeting Cancelled
😷 We’re Not Taking Any Chances with Coronavirus

Well shoot! It’s better to be safe than sorry. We join the ranks of many other organizations in electing to cancel this month’s meeting to ensure that our favorite people — YOU — will be safeguarded from contracting this ugly virus.

We know you die-hard Republicans that fill our meeting room every single month and look forward to a hearty lunch at Golden Corral are bummed.


The negative consequences of legalizing recreational marijuana are everywhere, if we take time to look. On March 17, BCRW welcomes Mike Bishop and Toni Rose of An American Speaks. They will inspire and equip us to stand against legalizing recreational dope in Arkansas.   

Currently, there are three petitions circulating, with the goal of getting these issues on the November 2020 ballot:

  1. Arkansas Adult Cannabis Amendment
  2. Arkansas Marijuana Expungement Amendment
  3. Arkansas Recreational Marijuana Amendment of 2020

Quick and easy tip: DON’T SIGN any of the petitions. But come to the meeting to learn more about the reasons why, and how to talk to others about it.  
Note: This is not about MEDICAL marijuana. Arkansas voters already legalized that. This is about RECREATIONAL pot, which has produced many negative consequences where it’s already legal.  
Please attend and invite your friends.

BCRW meets the third Tuesday of each month at the Pleasant Crossing Golden Corral in Rogers (exit 81). Networking begins at 11:30 and the meeting begins at noon. We warmly invite guests to attend.